NED Training Centre is proudly associated with great institutions to guarantee the high quality standards our students look for. These accreditations contribute to consumer protection and make sure all our services meet requirements demanded by law.

University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations

The University of Cambridge o­ffers the world’s most recognised range of English qualifications in the form of Cambridge ESOL examinations. Their extended network includes more than 2,700 centres and 20,000 examiners.

PCN – Progressive College Network

The Progressive College Network is an organisation formed to meet the demand for an alternate representative body for the private college community in Ireland.

Academy Plus Insurance Brokers – Learner Protection

In line with current national regulations, all students enrolled on courses 3 months or longer in duration, are obliged to purchase the Learner Protection as part of their course fees. This is an insurance that protects the student’s fees in the unlikely event of something happening to the school.