Welcome NED Training Centre Limerick

NED Training Centre opened its doors in 2010 and since then we have been helping students from all over the world to improve their English. During this time our team has been working hard to provide the best experience for our students. We can off­er much more than just English classes! We have 20 classrooms, a library, canteen, free Wi-Fi, student area, extra activities to practise English and a personal service tailored to every student to assist you before and during your time in Ireland.

Our main goal is to make our students understand that they can learn English. Speaking a second language is really important to go further in both professional and educational aspects of life and we want to make sure our students realise their true potential.

Our school is expanding and we are very excited to welcome students to our new training centre in Limerick.

Studying abroad at NED Training Centre is sure to be a rich and memorable experience.