Punctuality, Attendance, Absenteeism and Expulsion

Punctuality, Attendance, Absenteeism & Expulsion: All students are required to attend all of their classes and maintain an 85% attendance rate. For each class, an official printed class attendance sheet is prepared by administration, which students are required to sign twice during class. These signed attendance sheets are filed and used by NED Training Centre to maintain attendance records. Tardiness is not tolerated and any student who arrives after class has commenced is required to wait until the class break before joining. Any student absent will be recorded as so unless a medical certificate or other appropriate evidence regarding the absence is provided. If the student is absent from the school, his/her name will be removed from the Attendance List. The student must fill in the form on our website to return to class and wait for an email confirming their return. Attention: there might be a Waiting List to return to class. When the student is on the waiting list, they are still classed as absent from class. If a student is unable to complete his/her course with 85% attendance, NED Training Centre retains the right to expel the student without issuing four warnings. Attendance is a provision of a student’s visa and non-attendance will result in expulsion and may result in the loss of a student’s permission to study or work in Ireland or both. In the event that a Student is unable to attend their class for any reason the student should inform the school by e-mail. Additionally, written confirmation giving the reason(s) for non-attendance is required and should be handed into the NED Training Centre administration office at the student’s earliest opportunity.

Holidays and Breaks

Holidays & Breaks: A full course consists of 25 weeks of class and 8 weeks of holidays. All NED Training Centre students receive 4 weeks of holidays in the Christmas period and 1 week for Easter (as the school is closed during these periods). Students must request to take any holidays. The granting of Holidays is subject to conditions and at the discretion of the school. Students can request a holiday after 3 months of study and it is up to Academic Department to accept or deny the student request. No student can take holidays without the Registrar’s permission.

End of programme examinations

End of Programme Examinations: End of programme examinations are mandatory for all students at NED Training Centre. This fact is clearly communicated to students upon course purchase and is in accordance with Irish Immigration Authorities’ regulations. The student agrees that they understand that the exam is mandatory and agree to sit the exam with a possible additional charge. Failure to sit this mandatory examination may result in the student being expelled and/or immigration authorities being notified. It also may affect the student’s right to remain in Ireland under new regulations.

Placement and certificate

Placement & Certificate: NED Training Centre cannot guarantee that students will study in the morning or in afternoon. The student will be placed according to the availability in each level. However, the student may request to change. There might be a waiting list for certain levels and the student should keep coming to class until receiving an email placing them in the new class. NED Training Centre Certificates are only given to students who satisfy the 85% attendance regulation. Students will only get a certificate after completing 6 weeks of the course at their final level (does not apply to short-term students). Students will also only get their certificate if they do the mandatory TIE Exam.

85% attendance