Grounds for a refund or partial refund of fees:

A) Irish Study Visa extension refusal (the rejection letter issued by the GNIB will be evaluated by NED Training Centre in-order to assess grounds for any refund)
B) Illness or disability suffered after the student’s enrolment has been confirmed. In any such instance, a doctor’s certificate would be required to confirm.
C) Upon arrival to Dublin, should any student be refused access into Ireland for any reason, the rejection letter issued by the GNIB will be evaluated by NED Training Centre in order to assess grounds for any refund.

1. A refund will only be granted in respect of fees which have been paid for the most recent year in which (a) or (b) occurs. There is no automatic right to a refund of fees if at any time, a student changes his/her mind about studying at NED Training Centre.
2. Deposit fee is not refundable.
3. After your arrival refunds cannot be made.
4. All course cancellations must be made in writing using NED Training Centre’s ‘Tuition fees Refund’ form before course commencement date.
5. If a Student changes their course of study during their semester, no refunds would be given where the revised course involves fewer subjects.
6. Students that are found to have provided incorrect information, resulting in their visa being refused, shall not be entitled to any form of refund.
7. Whilst course commencement and completion dates are not expected to change, NED Training Centre reserves the right to alter any previously detailed dates in order to facilitate or improve the provision of any course and any associated examination. Those charges will in no way affect the other terms and conditions of the student’s contract with NED Training Centre. Should a change be necessary, NED Training Centre will not be liable to provide any form of compensation or refund.
8. Please note an Administration Fee of 25% of the total amount will be deducted from all refunds given.

Refunds are only considered in the following cases:
• Refusal of Visa on appeal where the student has no prior convictions or immigration history
• Unforeseen illness
• Course cancellation and no alternative course available
• Family bereavement
All student refund applications are reviewed by management at their weekly meetings and if the application is approved, the payment will be made within three months to the student. Once a student visa has been granted no refunds can be allowed by the school.

9. Refund requests for cancelled courses are valid for 1 year from the date of course purchase