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Francisco Ferri

Francisco Ferri

Marketing Director


Wahed Ferdous

Operations Director

Simon Judge

Simon Judge

Academic Director - Dublin


Debbie Roche

Academic Director - Limerick

Academic & Administration Team
Victor Gonzalez

Víctor Martin


Victor comes from the warm city of Valencia (Spain), where he graduated in Business and Marketing. He has a lot of experience in customer service and he believes that a smile is always welcome. He likes to spread positivity, to set goals for himself and enjoy the journey until he has accomplished them.


Student Affairs Coordinator


Jihae Yoo

HR Administrator

I came to Ireland in 2010 with a working holiday visa. I was not sure what I could do at that time because there was a lack of information. But soon enough, I found a job and my life partner. For me, living in Ireland was never boring. Every day, I am reminded how beautiful this country is. I love the Irish weather (many people think I’m crazy), Irish people and Irish culture.
When I first arrived in Ireland, I wanted to share my experience and help newcomers from South Korea. So I started my blog (www.ireland04.com) and it is one of the most popular blogs covering Ireland for South Koreans. Every year, I met many students thorough NED Training Centre. Most of them have the same question about Ireland and I always write on my blog what people want to know about it. I also like to include many travel tips feel will be useful for people new to Ireland. Thanks to my blog, I was invited as a guest speaker on a Korean travel Pod Cast '???? ????2 (Tak PD`s travel talk)'. My favourite moment is when students come to me before going back to Korea and say ‘thank you for your help’.
I love to help the Korean students of NED Training Centre. I want them to have all the information that I couldn’t have when I arrived. I’m working at NED Training Centre to help all those people who are exactly what I was in 2010.

Email: jihae@ned.ie

Teacher Aidan Shields

Aidan Shields

English Teacher

Teacher Aline Ju Huertas

Aline Ju Huertas

English Teacher

Teacher Maria Fiorentini

Maria Fiorentini

English Teacher

Teacher Deirdre O'Driscoll

Deirdre O'Driscoll

English Teacher

Teacher Iulia Hlusca

Iulia Hlusca

English Teacher

Teacher Paul Cleary

Paul Cleary

English Teacher

Teacher James Lynch

James Lynch

English Teacher

Teacher John Cleary

John Cleary

English Teacher

Teacher Jolanta Greene

Jolanta Greene

English Teacher

Teacher Magda Puz

Magda Puz

English Teacher

Teacher Ross Taylor

Ross Taylor

English Teacher

Teacher Nadia Grogan

Nadia Grogan

English Teacher

Teacher Ewelina Kowalska

Ewelina Kowalska

English Teacher

Teacher Seán O'Rourke

Seán O'Rourke

English Teacher

Teacher Seán Nathan

Seán Nathan

English Teacher

Teacher Suzanne Grogan

Suzanne Grogan

English Teacher

Teacher Tadhg Taylor

Tadhg Taylor

English Teacher

Teacher Sheila Dempsey

Sheila Dempsey

English Teacher

Communications & Marketing Team
Luna Rieu

Luna Rieu

Department Manager

I like to think that the purpose of life is to live it. Life is about waking up every day to new experiences and doing what you love. I am currently 25 and I can say that I have been incredibly fortunate to live in three different countries where I have experienced unforgettable journeys that made me who I am today. I don’t regret anything, and I am always looking for more. Therefore, after graduating in both Journalism and Media & Communications in Spain, I decided to come to Ireland to improve my English. After almost two years, I am (practically) completely adapted to the Irish lifestyle (although I must admit that I am still trying very hard to adapt my body to the Irish weather). In Dublin, I decided to focus my career on digital communications and marketing. This city has opened doors and given me the opportunities I was looking for. Ireland has that ‘something’ that makes you fall in love with the country and its people. And here I am, evolving, not only personally, but also professionally by doing what I like. I am still the same girl in some ways… photography enthusiast, staunch cinema fan, yoga addict, passionate about literature… But I have matured into a totally different person at the same time.
Lilas Designer NED

Lilás Nogueira

Designer - Dublin

Lilas graduated in Radio & TV Communications but changed her specialisation to Graphic Design and Motion Graphics. Her star sign is Leo so she's never satisfied. Ex-workaholic from the Advertising industry in São Paulo she left everything behind to follow a new dream and a new life in Ireland. She came in search of new people, fresh knowledge and new meanings for her life. Lilás is extremely passionate about art and photography. If you find her on the streets of Ireland, she’ll probably a camera will probably be hanging from her shoulder.
Francisco Olivares

Francisco Olivares

IT - Dublin

I'm Francisco Olivares a computer engineer from Chile. My hobbies include: watching and playing football, playing computer games and travelling.
I originally came to Ireland for a short period of time to improve my English and travel around Europe. However, after 8 months I just couldn't leave this beautifull island!
Then I got the opportunity to join the amazing NED Training Centre team, it was an offer that I couldn't refuse, so here I am... enjoying this awesome experience.


Patricia Costa

Patricia Costa

Social Media - Dublin

I was born in a very small city in the north of Brazil, where playing football on the streets was the main pastime I had. After moving to Sao Paulo, things changed a lot in my life. There I became a Journalist and I worked for more than 5 years for a non-profit organization, where I developed and enhanced my communication skills. Working on content editing for online and offline publishing, I became even more passionate about communication with a special interest in Marketing & Digital Media. I am so curious about their usability in our daily lives that I cannot help studying them. I am eager to learn and apply all my possible knowledge to people’s life. Leaving Brazil to hone my English skills in Ireland was a hard decision, but it certainly has been paying off. Ireland and its wonders have broadened my horizons immeasurably. I am in love with Irish multiculturalism, its people, cuisine, and nature. Here I can talk and live with people originally from very diverse cultural backgrounds, which enables me to discover a different world every day. Being someone who came from such a far-flung place in Brazil, I considered myself blessed for having achieved so much. I cannot wait to live the next episodes of my life.
Daisy Medina

Daisy Medina

Social Activities & Social Media - Dublin

I'm Daisy Medina, I’m a Chilean journalist in Ireland and I'll tell you why I'm here…

One of the things I enjoy most (along with rock music) is travelling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures and places. I grab every opportunity I have to do it and this has been one of them.

I came to Ireland because a while ago I thought that I wanted to live part of my life in this beautiful country, so I saved the money and I came. And of course I do not regret it; it has been a great experience in every way.

Now I’m working at NED Training Centre and the job has been perfect for me because I can do something that I like and apply my skills to it.

Manuel Soto

Manuel Soto

Video Maker - Dublin

Born in Chile and currently living in Ireland.

Audiovisual communicator by profession, with more than 8 years of experience in television direction.
Over the years, photography has become my great passion.

Sales Team

Adriana Kawano

Head of Sales - Dublin

I'm from Sao Paulo and graduated in Human Resource Management. Currently, I’m studying a Bachelor of Business in Dublin. I always thought that the meaning of life was found in getting married, having children, buying a house and a car. I have made multiple attempts to start something on my own but have failed due to a lack of focus. At that point, I realised I wasn't happy with how my life was going. This uncertainty prompted me to make a few changes and I started doing certain things that have made my life a lot more meaningful. Having a fresh start and deciding to travel abroad to experience a new culture and learn a new language wwas one of the best decisions I have ever made. In Ireland I discovered my passion for travelling around the world and at NED Training Centre, the passion for helping people and encouraging them to follow their dreams and make them believe that a strong belief can move mountains. I would never imagine that the decision I made in 2012 would take me to experience so many things: learning a new language and new culture, dealing with the Irish weather (which is not easy for a Brazilian), living away from friends and family, facing my fears on my own, and also visiting more than twenty countries around the world! Throughout the past 5 years, I have helped more than 500 students to plan their exchange program to study at NED Training Centre, and could not be happier to share all these challenges and dreams with them. I didn't follow the 'natural course of life' and I don't have a house, a dog or a car, but I am truly happy. In IreIand I realised that this is what matters the most.
Email: adriana@ned.ie

Jessica Rolim

Head of Sales - Limerick

One of the most important things that I’ve learned during this time living in Ireland is that no matter how big your dream can be you must follow it until you make it happen.
Around five years ago I made the hardest decision of my life leaving my family and friend in Brazil to live the incredible experience of studying abroad and to be honest … stepping out of our comfort zone is not easy but sometimes is necessary.

We will never know how strong we are or how far we can go until we face our fears and start to believe that we are capable of great things.
After so long, here I am discovering myself in this place where today I can call my second home and having the opportunity to encourage hundreds of people to do the same.

Let’s do it together?

''All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them''.
Walt Disney.

Email: jessica@ned.ie


Stiva Teo


I never stopped at where I am,
I keep moving, so do you.
I love Dublin, and I hope you will too.
If you haven't seen Ireland, please tell me, I can help you.
I'm from Malaysia, you are from elsewhere, let’s meet in Dublin.
Don't stop yourself from exploring the world.
If you can't find the door of opportunity, no worries, I’ll help you.

Email: stiva@ned.ie

Tehina Velazco

Tehina Velazco

Sales & Students Adviser

My name is Tehina Velazco. I was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico and I have a bachelor in Industrial design. I originally came to Ireland to complete an 8 months English course at NED Training Centre and I have to say Ireland was love at first sight. Very quickly I found out how much I love meeting people and helping others. I was presented with the opportunity to join this team and my life took a drastic turn in a great way. Being presented with this life change brought out strengths in me that I didn’t know I had. I’ve always been an introvert but here in Ireland I´ve developed my social skills and found great pleasure in lending a hand to my students and coaching them through their course here at NED Training Centre. I’m now more comfortable in busy environments; in individual or team working scenarios. I love my work here and continue to have the greatest time of my life.

Email: tehina@ned.ie


Gabrielle Stinguel

Sales & Students Adviser

I was only 18 when I decided to change my life. While my friends were starting college, I took a different path. I moved to Ireland to study English, meet new people and learn about new cultures.

I like to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and embrace every opportunity to make the best of life.
I travelled to many countries, discovering new places and living the life I always dreamed of.

Today I work at NED Training Centre Limerick, helping students achieve their dreams of studying in Ireland. I'm passionate about ensuring you have a memorable and fun experience while studying with us. I know first-hand how rewarding it can be, and would love to help you achieve your goals.

‘’ To travel is to live.’’

Email: gabrielle@ned.ie

Amanda Rank

Amanda Rank

Sales & Students Adviser

Aline Ferreira

Sales & Students Adviser

When we decide to take the first step to leave our home our life begins to change. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for things you don’t have in Brazil or just to explore new places and finally understand that you belong home. The world is too big to always live in the same place.
Upon graduating in Administration and earning a post graduate degree in Strategic Business, I came to Ireland only to improve my CV but when I arrived I found a new reality that made me change all my plans. Ireland is beautiful, with a rich culture and weather so different from what we are used to. We can have sun, rain and snow on the same day, can you believe it? Meeting new people, discovering other places, other stories, that feeling that there is always something new waiting for me prevents me from returning back to Brazil.
Enjoying every opportunity of this experience and helping other people to come and live this experience is what I love to do. In Ireland, I’ve found the best version of myself. And you? What will you find?

Email: aline@ned.ie

Saori Latvala

Sales & Students Adviser

I am from Tokyo, Japan and used to work as an Anime and games illustrator for 6 years in Tokyo.
I then moved to Ireland in 2014.
My favourite Japanese author said that her favourite country is Ireland so I kind of ``had to`` move here.
Very nice people, beautiful nature, simple food, and I even like the weather too, because it's easy to find a rainbow so often! I find them breathtaking.
Please join us and find your new colourful life in Dublin!

Email: japan@ned.ie

Marta Mendez

Marta Méndez

Sales & Students Adviser

I have been living in Dublin since 2015. I came to NED Training Centre because one of my objectives was to learn English to have better job opportunities and expand my field. My original plan was to study for 6 months, but when I realised that what I was really looking for was to grow as a person I did not want to miss this tremendous opportunity... and keep doing what I always wanted to do.
Travelling abroad has always been my dream, I have always wanted to get to know different nationalities, landscapes and soak up everything that allows me to keep growing as a person.

Many changes have occurred in me thanks to this evolution of mentality, thanks to learning to look at things with other eyes. Dublin has given me a great opportunity, this experience has changed me forever and for the better! I have learnt to look at life with different eyes, to love myself and to cherish family and friends and the time we have to spend together! I have grown into a more tolerant and loving person, a person who enjoys learning everyday!

Email: marta.mendez@ned.ie

Marcos Santis

Marcos Santis

Sales & Students Adviser

I am Marcos Santis, a Chilean of 32 years. Since October last year, I have been living in Dublin, Ireland. Dublin is a small city, if you compare it with global capitals. But, it is an incredible hub to meet people from all over the world. The friendliness of this place is what makes this experience a fantastic one. I'm pretty sure that if you live here, you will enjoy it as much as I do.
Waldo Ramos

Waldo Ramos

Sales & Students Adviser

My name is Waldo Ramos and I came to study at NED Training Centre about 4 years ago. Since then I've had the opportunity to learn English, meet people from many countries and travel around world. I even had the opportunity to work on a project for the European headquarters of Apple, the biggest company in the world.

I think that this experience is unique and it changes you forever, that's why I want to encourage you to dare; to come to Ireland and study with us.

Email: waldo@ned.ie

Fernanda Pinto

Fernanda Pinto

Sales & Students Adviser

Hi! My name is Fernanda, I am a young professional from Chile, a Traveller, and a Dreamer.
My life and career have always been driven by a strong passion for learning about new cultures thus I left Chile two years ago in order to have an international experience and fulfill my dream of living overseas. By now, I consider myself a full-time expat since I've been living in Canada, Denmark, Germany and now on the beautiful island of Ireland.
I have a background in Public Relations and I am passionate about Marketing and Digital Media. I have recently joined NED Training Centre and I work as a Sales and Student Advisor within the Chilean team. I hope to be able to inspire and help more people to achieve their dreams and to come to learn a second language here in Ireland.

Mariano Ariza

Sales & Students Adviser

Mexican nationality, originally from the city of Puebla, graduated from the Benemerita Autonomous University of Puebla with a degree in chemical pharmacobiology.
Professionally I started in the area of health; in research and patient care, however my major experience is focused on sales and marketing, with 6 years experience in the corporate area to improve the health system of Mexico as head of sales, in the hospital Medica Sur SA de CV Mexico as an executive in high specialty stores. Later, I made the decision to come to Dublin to study English, which was an excellent decision, because this experience has helped me grow both personally and professionally.
Sabrina Agente NED

Sabrina Lederfeyn

Sales & Students Adviser

Sabrina is from Montevideo, Uruguay. She is a Psychologist graduate from Universidad de la República where she specialised in Human Resources. She is now studying her second degree in Business Administration in Ireland. She has been living in Dublin since 2014 and she is passionate about Irish history and culture. Her hobbies include; photography, travelling, music, reading, meeting people from different cultures and international cuisine.
Sabrina thinks that one of the things that marks NED Training Centre as different from other school is the personalised attention that is provided to the students before and after their arrival. She has a vocation for helping people to achieve their dreams and live those amazing experiences that she had. Coming to Ireland was one of the best decisions Sabrina made in her life. She doesn’t hesitate to recommend this experience to her students. It has allowed her not only learn the most useful language but meet new people, cultures, travel all over Europe and more!

Email: Sabrina@ned.ie

Faik Anil Sezer

Sales & Students Adviser

Nowadays, many Turkish Young People desire to go to another country for living. I was a person who wanted to change his life and live in abroad. If you ask me now. Nobody can be happier than me. I live in my dreams. I would like to make you as happy as I am.
My name is Faik Anil SEZER. Now I am on the duty to help new students who want to change their lives.
It is impossible to explain how it is enjoyable living in abroad. Every day, every moment I discover a new culture and meet people who are all around the World. Here each moment which I have had is valuable for me. Had I not decided to come here. I would have been too upset. Beside of that, it could be a really bad decision.
Learning English is the most significant qualification for everyone. Because, It’s the most commonly spoken language in the World. What’s more, It is also the language of international business and can be used around the World. There are a few places in the World to learn English swiftly. One of them is absolutely Ireland. Plenty of opportunities are provided in Ireland. We are looking forward to helping you whenever you want.
I’m your Turkish friend who you can find in Dublin. I would like to help you with your questions.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me!
Email: turkey@ned.ie
Instagram : @faikanilsezer
Mobile Phone : +353 83 899 83 71

Rio Iwami

Sales & Students Adviser

Hello I am Rio from Osaka, Japan.
I am a friendly person. I like to meet new people and to know more about their cultures.
Ireland is also a friendly country. I love to be here.
Let's meet in lovely Dublin and enjoy studying together at NED Training Centre.
Paula NED

Paula Ferri

Sales & Students Adviser

Paula comes from São Paulo, Brazil and has degree in Arts of Business. She came to Ireland in 2009 to study and work, and she loves the Irish culture and the peace of Dublin city.
Coming to Ireland was one of the best decisions she made in life. She considers the experience of living abroad completely worth it! Using a language that is not her native tongue while working with people from different cultures has given her an incredible experience and changed her perception on life. Paula believes this opportunity is for people who want to grow by their experiences and become more confident.
She loves the work that she does at NED Training Centre. Through sharing her experiences she helps students to grow both personally and professionally.
Her hobbies include spending time with her dog, music, sports, meeting people and travelling.

Email: paula@ned.ie

International Offices Team

Rahoni Couto

Sales & Student Adviser - Brazil

I’m from Campinas-Brazil and I had a good life in Brazil. Do you know when you feel like a little ant inside a dome? I was feeling a little like that and then I decided to study abroad. My first impression was that it was going to be really problematic, because I couldn’t speak English, I couldn't even spell the colours. But I was wrong and everything developed well and 6 months after arriving in Dublin, full off concerns, one more time I proved myself wrong, everything went perfectly again and in just a little time my English improved a lot. The only thing that I was right about was being an ant inside a dome. The world is so big and beautiful that being in one place for a lifetime is a waste.

It’s unbelievable that something I had believed to be just for 8 months has turned in 2 years. During this time I was able to study, learn, change and travel a lot. After this, I am really happy to work for NED training Centre from our office in São Paulo - Brazil because I can continue to help people to realize the same dream I dreamed before.


Nathalia Smith

Natalia Smith

Sales & Student Adviser - Uruguay

Hi everyone! My name is Natalia and I will be your advisor along with Paola Carretto at NED Training Centre Office in Montevideo, Uruguay. Our regional Office gives support to Uruguayan, Paraguayan and Guatemalan students .From here we assist all students who want to travel abroad to improve their English and be part of the extraordinary Irish culture.

We have a lot to talk about before you decide to travel abroad, so, do not hesitate in contacting us. We will receive you with delightful Irish tea at the office or we could arrange some calls and messages via whatsapp: +598 97071227.

See you soon!


Paola Carretto

Paola Carretto

Sales & Student Adviser - Uruguay

I have been working at NED Training Centre (Regional Office in Montevideo-Uruguay) since mid-2017. From there we advise students who choose our school during their stay in Ireland. We do it by accompanying them through all the steps prior to their trip.
In my work at NED Training Centre I learned that the reasons why someone chooses to study abroad are varied, depending on the interests of each person and the stage they are at in their lives. A program of studies can be carried out for various reasons, but whatever the reason it is a significant experience. The important thing is to focus on what we want to get the most out of this experience.
I visited Dublin for a short time, enough to understand the type of people who would choose to live there. It is a city that (even while suffering horrible jetlag) I thought about staying in long term as it feels like a familiar place. It is a city to walk alone or in company. Walking alone is one of the things I like the most. In Dublin, crossing the entire port area to get to the Poolbeg chimneys and having my own photo of the city's symbol, was one of the best walks I did.
It is also true that someone told me that I was not really getting to know the real Dublin because the city offered me, as a present, in the middle of May, five sunny days with tulips blooming at St. Patrick's Cathedral. I have to go back a cloudy day, those typical Irish days for which everyone returns.
Alonso Miranda

Alonso Miranda

Sales & Student Adviser - Mexico

Sales & Student Adviser

I grew up in a small touristic town in Chihuahua, Mexico and I was always in contact with languages and with nature. When I was 13 years old I discovered my passion for the guitar and started studying music. I'm self-taught. Later on, I continued my musical studies in the city of Chihuahua as well as finishing my Bachelor's degree. in Mechanical Engineering.

I like to discover new things and to learn something new every day. I am convinced that the best investment is in your own self, in education, new abilities and experiences.

Getting to know different countries has opened my mind and made me see the world and my own country from a new and different perspective, which is better.

Travelling to new and unknown places is exciting, I know that whoever considers it can achieve it, sometimes we only need a little push.


Jessica Muñoz

Jessica Muñoz

Sales & Student Adviser - Mexico

Sales & Student Adviser

I was born in Stratford, Texas but when I was a kid I moved to Chihuahua, Mexico. Since I was a child I felt curious about English; English books and literature. My passion led me to study a Bachelor's degree in English where I completed a dissertation on Chicano Literature.

I think life is full of opportunities so I decided to become self-taught. I had been teaching myself and learning from other people to write, draw, perform and model. I have written 4 plaquettes of short stories and poems, organized an alternative show called “Teatro Macabro” in which I perform burlesque and promote all types of talent. I also model for the agency New icon and participate in humanitarian activities among a group of Pin-Up models.

I am a big fan of applied linguistics. I have been an English teacher for 7 years. It is an honor to be part of the NED Training Centre team and to continue learning and teaching. Helping others is one of the most gratifying experiences I have ever had.


Daniela Morales

Daniela Morales

Sales & Student Adviser - Chile

Hi everyone! I´m Daniela and I´ve been a part of the Chilean team since 2013.
I originally went to Ireland for a year and I actually ended up staying there for almost 8 years! and I can tell you that I do not regret my decision; the opportunities I´ve gotten while living there were amazing and I could grow not only on a personal level but on a professional one too. Going to Ireland changed my life and I love that my job is to encourage people to do the same!
I´m a very positive, glass half full type of person that will always go the extra mile to help students and people around me.

I´m a teacher of English and Spanish as second language and I also studied business. I love to travel, I think that is the best way to learn about the history and the culture of a country. I hope many of you follow your dreams and dare to think big, don´t be afraid, we´ll be with you every step of the way!