When immigrating to Ireland from a Non-European country to study English you will need to have the following documents with you:

  • Application Letter from NED Training Centre with information about your course and stating that all fees are paid
  • Confirmation Letter from the Residence, House, Hotel or Hostel at which you are going to stay
  • Governmental Insurance (mandatory) and Private Health Insurance (optional)
  • Proof of access to €3,000 (three thousand Euro)
  • €300 (three hundred Euro) for the Visa and GNIB Registration (that you will pay using a debit card)

Those documents will be required when applying for the visa at Garda National Immigration Bureau. Note that any of these documents can be asked at the immigration desk at the Airport, as soon as you arrive in Ireland. It is extremely important to keep every document or confirmation printed with you during the flight in your hand luggage * We would like to recommend that all students interested in moving to Ireland for an exchange bring at least €4,500 (four thousand and five hundred Euros) or more in order to pay the initial expenses before receiving the Visa and GNIB, a process that can take time to complete.