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End of Programme Examinations

End of Programme Examinations

Externally verified examinations take place monthly in NED Training Centre. End of programme examinations are mandatory for all students at NED Training Centre. This fact is clearly communicated to students upon course purchase and is in accordance with Irish Immigration Authorities’ regulations.

Included in each student contract, is a clause which states that the student agrees that they understand that the exam is mandatory and agree to sit the exam with a possible additional charge. In addition, students sign an Examination Policy Agreement, undertaking to sit the end of course exam.

End of course exams may take place in-house, or at specified external locations – this depends on the exam in question. Students will be notified well in advance of the location of their exams.

The registration of students for their end of course exam is the responsibility of NED Training Centre’s Registrar (catriona@ned.ie).

While weekly progress tests are completed and adjudicated in-house, the end of programme examinations may be administered and supervised by NED Training Centre, but are corrected and adjudicated by the relevant examining body (TIE, Cambridge, Pearson EDI, etc.)

NOTE: Failure to sit this mandatory examination may result in the student being expelled and/or immigration authorities being notified. It also may affect the student’s right to remain in Ireland under new regulations.

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