At NED Training Centre we take the needs of our students very seriously. We like to know not only their opinion but also their level of satisfaction about the activities we organise at the school, in order to improve them a little more every day. Therefore, during the month of March, we did a survey to see how important it is for our students to have supportive activities that will help them in their learning of the English language.

After seeing the result and the high level of interest in the organisation of the free fixed classes, we decided to establish one class every day of the week; therefore every day our students can access a different type of learning.


Learning grammar is probably the hardest aspect of learning a language. It consists of all rules that control the way a language works, and normally there are thousands of them. You not only have to understand them, but you have to memorise them and internalise them, so you would probably need a few years to learn and use them fluently when speaking.

However, this is not impossible, and one of our purposes is to help you overcome all those little doubts and worries about English grammar. Therefore, every Monday we have organised a free workshop that you can join anytime you need to and get answers to all your questions about any topic, such as prepositions, future tenses, the gerund, anything!

Furthermore, if you have any specific topic you would like to talk about in our Grammar Workshop, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with Teacher Carlos and he will be happy to organise a class about it.


We really believe conversation is one of the best methodologies to improve your English, because it is what you are going to use day-by-day! However, many times we have students with a wide knowledge of English grammar but when they have to speak in English they face a lot of barriers. Speaking English can seem very easy for many, but for others it is very complicated. Don’t worry, this is normal! Nonetheless, you need to go out of your comfort zone and speak, speak and speak!

Every Tuesday our lovely Teacher Magda is in charge of organising groups of conversations where students can practice what they learn in their classes. Knowledge is of no value until you put it into practice and this is the perfect occasion to prove yourself!


As we know to write a CV correctly is very important so on Wednesdays we have developed a class aimed to give you advice to improve the way you write your CV and adapt it to the Irish style. Remember that this document is the first ‘part of you’ that the companies are going to see; so you need to pay special attention and make a big effort in writing it as well as you can.

In addition, another aspect that we have to keep in mind is job interviews. We all panic when the day of the interview is close, but let me tell you that it is something that you can prepare for in advance! For that reason, we have decided to use this class to also teach techniques to improve your skills in an interview. You will see that you feel more self-confident and thus get the job of your dreams!


In order to communicate in a language, it is necessary to pronounce the words correctly. Otherwise, this can lead to confusion and limit our learning. The accent and sounds of an Anglo-Saxon language, like the English language, are sometimes very complicated for foreign students from countries that use a romance language (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian etc) any especially difficult for those who come from countries where the roman alphabet is now use like China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia etc. However, with a little practice, sounds can be imitated and words can be pronounced as close to fluently as possible.

In our Pronunciation Class on Thursdays we try to show students how to pronounce words and sounds properly, but always practicing in an entertaining way! Don’t miss these classes!


Finally, every Friday we try to organize more enjoyable activities, to turn the last day of the week into something entertaining and fun! On April 26th we will have Tai Chi class, so that you free your body and your mind from all the tension of the week.

Do not forget to follow us on our social networks and find out about all the fun activities that we are going to organise for you.

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