Finally, the day arrived! It seemed impossible, but we were able to visit one of the most popular attractions in Ireland: the Guinness Storehouse! We had to cancel the activity two weeks ago because of Storm Emma, but we managed to reorganize it again and do it in the same week as St. Patrick’s Day! Do not you think it’s a beautiful coincidence? We do!

The brewery is located in the heart of St. James’s Gate in Dublin. This is the historical home of “the Black Stuff” and the whole fascinating story behind one of the most famous beers in the world, Guinness, and its founder, Arthur Guinness.

The Guinness Storehouse has seven floors, filled with different interactive experiences that we greatly enjoyed. We started at the bottom of the building, where we found a spectacular explanation about brewing and the ingredients that make Guinness: barley, hops, water, roast malt extract and brewer’s yeast.

On the next floor, we learnt everything about the founder Ireland’s most famous brewery: Arthur Guinness. This entrepreneur believed and gave everything to create a brand that is still maintained after two hundred years later and that has become an iconic symbol throughout the world.

Later, we went to the ‘Taste Experience’, where a group of experts showed us the different smells and aromas contained within Guinness and we tried a sample in the  professional way: first you smell it, then taste it and finally swallow it. Delicious!

Next, we arrived at the ‘World of Advertising’, a very interesting and curious section aimed to show people all the impact that Guinness advertising campaigns have had in the world of advertising. Their creative campaigns had and still have a lot of success in creating imaginative advertising, such us the popular figure of the Guinness Toucan, or the much admired campaigns of ‘My Goodness, my Guinness” or ‘Guinness for strength’.

Right after that, we entered the ‘Guinness Academy’ where our students learnt how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness. It involves six simple steps, but you have to pay attention and put in effort and concentration. Of course, our students were really good at it and all of them received their certificates as well as their well-deserved pint of Guinness!

We finished this amazing experience at the top of the building, in the , where we could have our pints of Guinness while taking in the beautiful panoramic views of the amazing city of Dublin.