Do you know the most important date of the year for Irish people? I wouldn’t say it is Christmas, nor Easter, nor Halloween… All of them are very anticipated and celebrated dates, but nothing compares to St. Patrick’s Day! This festival is celebrated every 17th of March and is the national celebration of identity, arts and folklore. On this day all Ireland wears green!

Dublin is, undoubtedly, the city where the festival is celebrated with the greatest enthusiasm and Irish culture will permeate the streets wherever you go. Everything will be full of shamrocks, Leprechauns and people from different nationalities, who will be celebrating, smiling and dancing in honour of the Irish flag.

There will be a lot of events that we are sure you will love! Check them out!

Find the heart of St. Patrick’s Day in the Festival Parade

The main and most popular event for St. Patrick´s Day that you can’t miss is the beautiful Festival Parade. It is where you will find the essence of what it is to be Irish. The theme of this year will be ‘Home is Where the Heart is’ and lots of street theatre companies and music bands will march in the parade with their performing amazing shows and filling the streets with their magical rhythms

The event will start marching very close to NED Training Centre, in Parnell Square and it will end close to St. Patrick´s Cathedral.

It is very important that you check the public transport schedule for that day because many streets will be closed. I suggest you come to the city early on that day (the parade stars at 12:00PM), so you can arrive via public transport without problems and you can choose a nice place to watch the amazing parade with your friends.

Furthermore, if you are a Game of Thrones fanatic, you will love what I am about to tell you: Dublin star Liam Cunningham, known for playing Davos Seaworth in the HBO epic-fantasy TV series, has been selected by St. Patrick’s Festival to lead this year’s Festival Parade! Another reason not to miss it!

Lovely events in the city that you can´t miss

Festival Events

As the most anticipated day of the year in Ireland, St. Patrick´s Day is not only celebrated on the 17th of March. Not at all! Irish people have transformed this day into a festival that runs for a few days! This year, St. Patrick´s Festival will have events from Thursday to Monday so take note for what’s on!

City goes green

Green is the colour of the St. Patrick´s Festival. Therefore, buildings, venues and spaces across the city will be illuminated in green. If they were beautiful already, imagine how they look wearing the colour that represents Ireland’s national holiday. Visit them!

Where: across the city

Price: free

Dublin Bay Prawn Festival

Only 20 minutes away by DART, the fishing village of Howth is hosting this food festival where you can immerse your senses: delicious fresh food, craft beer, live music, wine tasting, cooking demos and MORE!

Where: Howth Village

Price: free entry

When: from the 17th to the 19th of March.

Festival Funfair

What’s the perfect activity for you and your friends to enjoy a fantastic day with attractions of all kinds: the funfair! Enjoy the colours, the candy and the experience of being suspended upside down! Do you dare to prove your courage? Have fun and join the Festival Funfair!

Where: Marrion Square, Dublin 1 & Custom House Quay, Dublin 1

Price: Varied

When: from the 17th to the 19th of March.

Where We Live

One of the most anticipated events for St. Patrick´s Festival is ‘Where We Live’, a kaleidoscope of stories about what it means to live in a city like Dublin or in a country like Ireland today. The stories will be told by the best storytellers on the Emerald Isle and they will be told over two weeks in The Complex in Smithfield. Enjoy the experience from a different point of view!

You can book your tickets here.

More, more and even more

If this is not enough for you, fear not! There is much more to see and experience, so do not hesitate to check the rest of this year’s events here.


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