There is a phrase that says ‘I want to live at a music festival forever’… That’s because festivals are amazing! There are two things every young student should do in his/her life without doubt. The first is travelling as much as you can while exploring foreign cultures. And secondly you need to attend a music festival. But, what is it? It is an event which generally lasts a few days, and consists of attending amazing concerts, meeting completely random people and dancing like crazy, among many other activities.

In our last blog post in English I talked to you about the power of music as an easier way to improve your English. This time, I am talking about a music based experience that will allow you to make golden memories you can keep with you for the rest of your life. Have you ever been to one of them? If you haven’t or if you want to repeat the experience again, you need to know that Ireland is well-known for some of its astounding festivals.

To be honest, there are thousands, but I will suggest the top 8 festivals you need to attend!


Kilkenny Roots Festival


Forbidden Fruit Festival

Body & Soul


BARE Festival


GROOVE Festival


Indiependence Festival


Electric Picnic Festival


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